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How To Get From Miami To Key West | Plan Miami

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If you are planning to rent a car from touring around Miami and Key West, you need to know about the parking conditions. While the parking conditions in Miami are still bearable, it is rather difficult in Key West. There are very few free parking spots in Key West. Most of the free spaces are offered by the hotels. In the rest of the island city, you will have to pay for parking which can quickly become an exorbitant expense. As such, it is preferable if you don't rent a car to explore Key West. Renting a bike will be a better option from the financial standpoint. Additionally, biking allows you to explore the city completely at your own pace. Other Transport Options

The Best Experiences That Miami And Key West Have To Offer.Two of the most popular places in Florida are Miami and Key West. It is easy to see the attractions of each. Both of them have been blessed with a remarkable and beautiful shoreline. They have a fascinating history and are rich in architectural beauties. As such, it is easy to believe that they will offer similar experiences. However, nothing can be further from the truth. Miami and Key West are quite different. While Miami is more famous for its glamour, Key West is more subdued. If you want an exciting time with lots parties thrown in for good measure, Miami is where you should be. Key West has a more languid atmosphere that is better suited to enjoying a quiet day relaxing in the beach. It is easy to experience the best of both Miami and Key West thanks to the presence of the Overseas Highway. You can easily get a Miami Key West bus to transport you to and from these places. Alternatively, you can rent a car. .

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Casa Marina is a resort by the famed Waldorf Astoria group. It is as picturesque as you would expect it to be with its mansion-style living quarters. It also boasts of an incredible private beach that spans a length of 1100 feet. The entire beach is dotted with graceful palms and lovely hammocks. This beach has a timeless appeal which is also why it is considered to be a historic place. Of course, you need to be staying at the Casa Marian, if you want to enjoy this beach. However, that brings with it come unique advantages such as a beach concierge. It will be the responsibility of the concierge to make your stay on the beach as comfortable as possible by getting the chairs and towels ready. You will be constantly supplied with tropical cocktails. Do not forget to watch the sunrise here. The Reach

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