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Key West Trolley Tours

One of the most exciting parts of the trip will be at the Seven Mile Bridge. It is not only the highest section of the trip but also the longest. Overall, it is one of the most spectacular crossings of the entire journey and a rather thrilling one as well. On the bridge, you will come across magnificent panoramic views of the seas. You can also enjoy the sight of what is called the parallel bridge. This is the remains of a railroad that was built in the 20th century. It was destroyed in 1935 by a category 5 hurricane. The overseas highway was built on its ruins. The ruins of the railroad have a classical charm. Entering Key West.The mile markers located over the highway from Miami to Key West tend to serve as a countdown as you head down to the island city. It is easy to feel a growing sense of anticipation as the mile markers count their way down to zero. At that point, you will have finally reached Key West, one of the most beautiful places in Florida. Things to Do in Key West

The Haulover Beach consists of miles of pristine white sands, stunning dunes, comfortable picnic areas and lovely ocean surf. It is no wonder that this beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Miami. Apart from the breathtaking beauty, this beach has a thriving surfer scene. The swells that occur here are some of the biggest in Miami. This makes the spot perfect for surfers. In fact, the beach is often filled with surfers trying out the activity. Virginia Key Beach

From Miami To Key West

The Places You Must Visit in Miami.Miami has been presented in a variety of avatars. It is the haven for retirees, playground of celebrities, refuge for snowbirds and, of course, a preserve for the tourists. All of them perfectly describe what this city is capable of offering. Miami is easily one of the most popular destinations of Florida and you can just as easily lose yourself in the seductive allure of this seaside city. There is much to enjoy in the city of Miami. At the same time, there is much around the city to explore and experience. You can take a trip down the Overseas Highway and visit the famed Florida Keys and Key West. From Key West to Miami, you can enjoy some very spectacular sights and memorable experiences. Here is a list of some of the things you shouldn't miss out on when in Miami. Miami Beach

Glass Bottom Boat in Key West

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