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The South Beach area of Miami is famous for its colorful versions of art deco architecture. The modernist approach in art deco has been given a vibrant twist with its pastel color combinations and smooth curves, contours and buttresses. If you are in South Beach because of your interest in architecture, you should make it a point to visit the Miami Design Preservation League. This place holds walking tours that are comprehensive and utterly excellent. In fact, they do have considerable knowledge about the buildings in the area. After all, they helped in restoring the neighborhood when it was in decline. That was mainly due to the efforts of the founder of the League who was a resident of South Beach and an art lover. Another important place you should consider checking out is the Wolfsonian-FIU museum. It is where you can learn more about the rich architectural history of the area. The museum has been dedicated to the late 19th and early 20th century movements in the fields of design and aesthetics. In order to appreciate this modernist architectural style better, you can consider having a meal in such a building. There are many cafes and eateries run in buildings with a modernist style. The Party Scene

There are many options available to you when you want to visit the island of Key West from Miami. There are many buses plying to and from Key West. You can get on a shuttle easily as most of them operate on a daily basis. If you want you can enjoy a short tour of Key West and come back to Miami in a single day. You can even take a flight. These flights to Key West and back take place daily. Be that as it may, you may prefer getting a car from a rental agency. This will allow you to enjoy the road trip over the US 1 highway on your way to Key West. Like all good road trips, the visit is not only about reaching destination but also enjoying the things that happen on the way. The trip from Miami to Key West will take a little over 3 hours provided that the traffic conditions are light. Starting the Trip from Miami.If you are new to the lovely city of Miami, it is easy to get lost trying to navigate through the suburbs. However, you should simply try and head towards the south. In that direction is the US 1, the highway that will take you to Key West through the famed Florida Keys. The Everglades.As you exit the city of Miami from the south, you will be greeted by the green swamps of the famous Everglades. As the road begins to leave the mainland, you will notice the first oblong sign. These signs announce the distance between your current location and the city of Key West. The Mile 126 sign can be found just as you cross the bridge that leads to Key Largo. Keeping track of these little signs from Miami to Key West can be a fun little game you can play especially if you have children with you. Key Largo and the Other Keys.The trip offers quite a few sights activities to enjoy. The names of the places that you will be passing through are just as enjoyable as the sights and activities that they offer. The first stop in your itinerary will be Key Largo which has been made famous thanks to its namesake movie starring Humphrey Bogart. The appeal of Key Largo does not lie in the city but away in the waters by its shores. You will find a living coral reef in those waters. The reef is the only one of its kind in the entire continent of North America. As a result, snorkeling and diving are popular activities here. There are other popular Keys that you will be passing through on your way to Key West. Some examples include, Ragged Key, Saddlebunch Key, Tea Table Key, Fat Deer Key, Indian Key and the Sugarloaf Key. The places are just as enjoyable as the names are humorous. The word, 'key', has been derived from the word, 'cayo' which means islet in Spanish. The highway connects them all together. Be that as it may, each of these places is unique and different from each other. That makes the trip all the more exciting as there is always something new and different waiting for you at the next stop. The scenes are just as varied. In some places, you will be surrounded on both sides by lush mangroves while at other places you will be driving over the seas. What is interesting is that there are two seas. On one side you will find the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Your road trip will consist of moving from islands to bridges of all sizes. The Seven Mile Bridge

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The Overseas Highway is a classic Americana experience. You will easily come across more than one kitschy souvenir shop selling seashell necklaces. Then there are the burger stands that offer you the classic combination of shakes, fries and burgers. At the same time, there is an equally mesmerizing world below the bridge that is filled with coral reefs and fishes of all colors of the rainbow. The entire trip will take around 3 hours to complete as long as the traffic conditions are ideal and you don't make any stops. However, you should certainly make a few stops to enjoy the different Keys between Miami Key West that lie connected by the Overseas Highway. Things have been made easier for you as the mile markers on the highway also cite the major attractions nearby. Here are some of the places you should stop by on your way to Key West. Key Largo.Key Largo has stylized itself as the diving capital of the world. On reaching the place, you will understand why that title is a rather apt one. Key Largo is home to a massive coral reef located inside the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. The park also contains a beach where you can practice snorkeling before you head over to the reef. You can also visit the Spiegel Grove which is a retired Navy ship that was sunk to serve as an artificial reef. The display of natural beauty underwater at Key Largo is fascinating. You are certain to meet angelfish and trumpetfish. If you are interested in diving or snorkeling, you should certainly make a stop at Key Largo. Pennekamp

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