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Boat Miami To Key West | Miami Fl Activities

Cruise Miami To Key West

If you have taken a bus from Miami to Key West or rented a car, Duval Street will be the first place you will end up in. In fact, during your exploration, you will end up here more than once as it serves as the main artery for the city. There are numerous shops and restaurants here, many of which are worth a visit. The restaurants serve mouthwatering delicious foods. Of course, you have ample opportunities to shop around here as well. Duval Street also has many historic homes such as the Truman Little White House. This was the place where the former president Harry Truman stayed while he was visiting Key West. Although it was supposed to be a short visit, he ultimately stayed for 175 days. He held many a historic meeting here and even ran the country. Currently, the house serves as a museum with many personal items of Truman on display.

This is another spot to visit if you are interested in snorkeling or diving. From Tavernier, you will be able to access the Conch Reef. You can try out drift diving here. In fact, this is possibly the best spot to undertake drift diving in the Keys. In a drift dive, you will be descending at one particular point and catch the current. You will drift down the current and resurface at another point. It can be a great way to experience the beauty of the reef. .Apart from Conch Reef, there are other smaller but equally interesting reefs in the vicinity. The names of these reefs are often humorous with some examples being Alligator, Chickens and Pickles. Islamorada

Key West Snorkeling Tours

Marathon is made up of a group of islands. There are primarily two things you will want to do here. The first is, of course, to take in the view of the Seven Mile Bridge. Secondly, you may want to pay a visit to the Dolphin Research Center to meet gentle creatures. You can even take a swim and interact with these mammals up close. As for the Seven Mile Bridge, it will be a sight that you will not want to miss. It is the world's largest segmental bridge after all. Instead of heading over the bridge to the Lower Keys, you may want to take a detour and visit Pigeon Key instead. It was home to the people who built the railway bridge over the Keys. There is a museum about their exploits here. .Big Pine Key

Snorkeling in Key West

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