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Miami To Key West | South Beach Miami Florida

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Little Havana is the Cuban district of the city. However, it is not famous for its attractions but for its rich Cuban cultural flavors that is distinct from the rest of Miami. There are a few places you can visit such as specialty food shops. Therefore, Little Havana is the place to visit when you are in the mood for some Cuban cuisine. Entertainment options can be found in plenty here. In Little Havana, you should take the time to visit Calle Ocho which is the main road that connects the district. There is much to experience in Calle Ocho. However, the best time to visit this place is during the Calle Ocho Festival which takes place during March. It is one of the largest festivals in the world with more than a million people in attendance every year. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Hobie Beach is located in Key Biscayne and you can access it through the Rickenbacker Causeway. You can easily recognize it by the numerous colorful sailboards on the water. Its nickname of Windsurfer Beach has been given because of its suitability for windsurfing which is also the most popular activity here. Moreover, Hobie Beach is rather unique because it is one of the few beaches in Miami that allow dogs. You will certainly find many people with their canine friends coming here for a swim. Crandon Park Beach

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If you have taken a bus from Miami to Key West or rented a car, Duval Street will be the first place you will end up in. In fact, during your exploration, you will end up here more than once as it serves as the main artery for the city. There are numerous shops and restaurants here, many of which are worth a visit. The restaurants serve mouthwatering delicious foods. Of course, you have ample opportunities to shop around here as well. Duval Street also has many historic homes such as the Truman Little White House. This was the place where the former president Harry Truman stayed while he was visiting Key West. Although it was supposed to be a short visit, he ultimately stayed for 175 days. He held many a historic meeting here and even ran the country. Currently, the house serves as a museum with many personal items of Truman on display.

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