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How To Get From Miami To Key West | Sights In Miami

Bus From Miami To Key West

It may be hard to believe but this resplendent piece of architecture was once a quarry. Tons of rock was mined to build the homes in Miami. Of course, that resulted in an ugly sight after the work was complete. Therefore, coral rock, mosaic and tiles were used to build the incredible pool. The Venetian Pool can easily overwhelm your senses. The Venetian style is beautiful and reminiscent of the opulence of the Roman times. In fact, it is so beautiful and amazing that it has been designated as a historical place. The Venetian Pool contains a number of specular features. You can visit coral rock caves here or watch the waters rush down the waterfalls. There is even an island which is lined with palm trees. There also moorings done in the Venetian style. Over the years, a who's who list of celebrities has visited and has been entertained by the Venetian Pool. This attraction is open throughout the year. Studios of Key West, Key West

These beaches are not exactly located in Key West. They are located in the Marquesas Keys which are a group of islands that are located towards the west. There are 10 islands in the group and all of them are uninhabited. They are unique as they are the only natural atoll that can be found in the entirety of the Western Hemisphere. Another interesting fact about these islands is that they were formed because of a meteorite. The impact of the meteorite created a lagoon that is two miles in width. The lagoon is encircled by mangroves and some fantastic beaches that shine brightly due to the white sands. It is almost like paradise. However, reaching these beaches can be difficult. You need to get a boat in order to reach them. Tours aren't organized for these islands. Therefore, you will have to get a company that offers diving and fishing trips to take you to the isolated beaches of Marquesas Keys. Smathers Beach

Cruise Miami To Key West

Harry Truman isn't the only famous person to have stayed at Key West. The American literary genius Ernest Hemingway also lived and worked at Key West. The Spanish Colonial house he brought in 1931 still stands. He lived in the home till 1940. The house serves as a museum to his life and works now. Hemingway wrote some of his most famous novels here such as "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and "A Farewell to Arms". The home also contains a tropical garden that Hemingway maintained. There is also a saltwater pool which Hemingway claimed that nearly pushed him into bankruptcy. His so-called 'last penny' can still be seen pressed into the pool's concrete. Hemingway was also known for his housecat called Snow White which had six toes. He raised that cat lovingly. The descendants of those housecats can still be found on the property. Sloppy Joe's Bar and Captain Tony's Saloon

Everglades and Miami by Bus and Miami by Boat (Triple Combo)

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