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Distance From Miami To Key West | Things To Do In Miami

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Even if you are not planning to visit one of the two cities, you should take the time out to witness the magnificent engineering marvel of the Overseas Highway. The ride is incredibly beautiful and there are many scenes to enjoy during the trip. The bridge is just as historical as it is beautiful. Originally, there was a railroad that connected the Keys instead of a highway. The Overseas Railroad was built in 1929 but was destroyed by a hurricane in 1935. Instead of rebuilding the railroad, it was decided to build a highway. Parts of the ancient railroad are still visible from the highway and the ruins are worth a visit. As the highway connects the Florida Keys together, you can easily take a detour and visit each of them in turn. They are worth the visit as each Key has something different to offer. Wildlife encounters, swimming with dolphins, diving, visits to coral reefs and many breathtaking sights are some of the experiences you find in these places. Wynwood Walls, Miami

If you want to explore the cities via bus, there are tour companies that offer such programs. During the tour, you will end up visiting some of the most famous and interesting spots that Miami or Key West has to offer. These tours require less than a day and you may be allowed to disembark at any stop during the tour. The tours will also end at the same place you started. Therefore, you can get up at Miami, tour Key West and come back to Miami by night. Some tour companies also offer attractive packages. They may include other services in the package such as boat tours. The costs are generally quite reasonable. Boats

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This park is spread over an archipelago made up of seven reef islands. These islands were named by Ponce de Leon, the famed Spanish explorer, due to the many turtles present here. In Garden Key, one of the islands, you will find Fort Jefferson. This fort was built by the USA to protect the shipping channel in the Gulf of Mexico. It also served as a prison during the Civil War for Union deserters. Studios of Key West

Snorkeling in Key West

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