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Bus Miami To Key West

The next place to make a stop is Pennekamp. From here, you can easily go for a dive at the coral reef. If you are feeling a bit hungry, Pennekamp is a good place to stop as well. There is a Cuban restaurant that serves some delicious pastelitos which are crispy and filled pastries. You can also find authentic Keys eateries here that serve fresh fish and, of course, burgers. Tavernier

There are no ferry services that connect Miami and Key West. However, you can get boat rides for the purposes of tourism. Such boat rides are available at Key West Miami. These tours can be a great way to see the cities in a new light as well as for enjoying the beauty of the open seas. Most of these boat tours are organized by touring agencies. Some of these agencies offer to pick you up for free from your hotel as well. In Miami, a typical boat tour will take you to out into the bay where you can enjoy the view of the open seas. You may also be taken to the small islands that dot the bay. While in the bay, you can also gaze at the Miami skyline which is considered to be one of the best in the world. Overall, you will have some incredible photo opportunities. The boat tours on offer at Key West are somewhat similar. You will certainly be able to enjoy the amazing views of the seas. For a more enjoyable trip, you should take a tour on a glass bottomed boat. Key West is famous for its coral reef. With such a boat, you will be able to enjoy the lovely views of the reef without getting wet.

Key West Tours And Attractions

While you may be visiting Miami for the beaches, there are many other sides to this glamourous city. The artistic landscape of Miami is filled with talented artists. One of the best places to witness the local art is at Wynwood Walls. Situated amidst grey concrete buildings and rusted warehouses, Wynwood Walls are like an explosion of color. There is an incredible collection of paintings and murals displayed all over the open courtyard. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the incredible variety of colors on display and the rather unexpected location in which it can be found. The arts on display tend to change with every major art event. Nonetheless, you will certainly find some amazing and interesting pieces no matter when you visit. Venetian Pool, Miami

Everglades and Miami by Bus and Miami by Boat (Triple Combo)

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