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Cruise Miami To Key West

Marathon is made up of a group of islands. There are primarily two things you will want to do here. The first is, of course, to take in the view of the Seven Mile Bridge. Secondly, you may want to pay a visit to the Dolphin Research Center to meet gentle creatures. You can even take a swim and interact with these mammals up close. As for the Seven Mile Bridge, it will be a sight that you will not want to miss. It is the world's largest segmental bridge after all. Instead of heading over the bridge to the Lower Keys, you may want to take a detour and visit Pigeon Key instead. It was home to the people who built the railway bridge over the Keys. There is a museum about their exploits here. .Big Pine Key

Located just 500 yards from the Key West Harbor, this beach is filled with pristine white sands. You will be drawn in by the romantic sight of thatched tiki huts and hammocks. Unfortunately, the beach is a private one. Only those staying at the resort can make use of the beach. If you are one of them, you can stay in the beautiful quaint cottages that dot the beach. If you are not staying at the beach, your only option is to visit the Latitudes Café here which serves up delicious island fare done in the Caribbean style. Casa Marina

Key West Tours And Attractions

There are many car rental agencies that operate in Miami and Key West. As a result, renting a car can be a good option. Moreover, renting a car also allows you to take in the sights between the two cities. This is something you cannot do if you taking a Miami to Key West bus. You will have to drive over the Highway 1 that passes through various Keys and contains numerous bridges over the seas. The scenes and views are fantastic. You can visit any of the Keys during your trip if you opt for a car rental. A typical journey by car without any stops will take 3 hours on average if the traffic conditions are light. While driving, you should remember that there are strict speed limits enforced on the highway and in the city of Key West. By Bus.Buses or shuttles provide an economical way of visiting Key West from Miami. Most companies that run a Miami to Key West bus service follow a daily schedule. Therefore, there will rarely be a scarcity of buses to take you to your destination. It is better if you opt for these scheduled buses and shuttles as they will take you to Key West faster. Many of the shuttle services run directly from the Miami airport to the Key West airport. Public buses are also available but they are not all direct. You may have to change the bus a few times before you can reach your destination. There are also bus shuttle services offered by tour companies. These buses will not only take you to your destination but also give you a tour of Key West. They will take you to all the important places that Key West has to offer and even give you enough time to indulge in a short little excursion on your own. Most of these tours last for one day. You will be leaving Miami early in the morning and coming back from Key West the same day by night. As a result, these bus tours are not only for those who need an economical way to visit and enjoy Key West. They are also suitable if your visit is limited by the availability of time. Things to See and Do in Miami.Miami has much to offer for all tourists. Of course, there are the famous beaches. You can take a boat ride to enjoy the sight of the open seas and the glorious Miami downtown skyline. In the city, you will have ample opportunities to shop. In fact, there are shopping facilities available for all budgets. There are plenty of restaurants, offering a variety of cuisines, as well. There are some brilliant examples of architecture to be enjoyed as well. You can visit the art deco district for fascinating examples of the style. Many Hollywood celebrities have made their homes here and your sightseeing itinerary can include these homes. You can enjoy a taste of Cuban culture at Little Havana. Miami also has numerous swimming pools, the most famous of which is the Venetian Pool. You can also enjoy some amazing pieces of street art by the local artists. Things to See and Do in Key West.Like Miami, there is much to experience in Key West. Your trip will ideally start at Duval Street which is the main artery of the island city. Duval Street is home to various art studios, restaurants, pubs and other entertainment options. Most of your time will be spent here as there is much to explore and experience. Fans of literature will certainly recall Ernest Hemingway's association with Key West. The pub where Hemingway used to spend his time still stands and does business today. His house is now a tourist spot. One of the best ways to experience Key West is through a trolley ride through the city. You will be presented the best sights through a guided tour. Of course, the waters around the island are perfect for exploration as well. You can snorkel to dive down the waters to enjoy the picturesque sight of the North American coral reefs. Various watersports are also possible such as kayaking. Miami and Key West have much to offer. The easy transportation options do make it easier to travel to and from these places. However, you must be prepared to invest some time if you want to truly experience the beauties and attractions of these places.

Glass Bottom Boat in Key West

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