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Miami To Key West Cruise | Miami Museums

Miami To Key West Distance

There is much to see, explore and experience in Key West. For starters, you should familiarize yourself with Duval Street which serves as the central transport artery of Key West. Duval Street is also where you will find some of the best experiences offered by Key West such as art galleries, nightlife and shopping centers. Of course, a visit to Key West is incomplete without checking into the spots associated with the famed American writer Ernest Hemingway. You can start with the Sloppy Joe's bar which was his favorite haunt. However, the Sloppy Joe's today is not located in its original spot. In the original spot you will find Captain Tony's Saloon today. There is also Hemingway's house. Other interesting things to do in Key West are located on the beach such as snorkeling and boat rides.

The Enchanting Road Trip from Miami to Key West.There is no shortage of exciting road trips that you can undertake in America thanks to the incredible highway system. However, the 150 mile drive to Key West from Miami can be easily ranked as one of the best. The trip will take you from the mainland thorough the famed Florida Keys and deposit you on an island city where presidents and writers have been known to take refuge. How to Visit Key West from Miami?

How Many Miles From Miami To Key West

This is another spot to visit if you are interested in snorkeling or diving. From Tavernier, you will be able to access the Conch Reef. You can try out drift diving here. In fact, this is possibly the best spot to undertake drift diving in the Keys. In a drift dive, you will be descending at one particular point and catch the current. You will drift down the current and resurface at another point. It can be a great way to experience the beauty of the reef. .Apart from Conch Reef, there are other smaller but equally interesting reefs in the vicinity. The names of these reefs are often humorous with some examples being Alligator, Chickens and Pickles. Islamorada

Snorkeling in Key West

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