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Bus Miami Key West | Things To See In Fl

Travel From Miami To Key West

This beach is located quite close to Duval Street. It is quite a popular place with people visiting the beach from some sun and a dip in the shallow waters. There are various facilities here such as volleyball courts, tennis courts, a dog park and a children's playground. You should make it a point to visit the White Street Pier which extends into the Atlantic Ocean. There are some amazing views to be had here. Marquesas Keys' Isolated Beaches

This is the largest beach in Key West and it is perfect for getting tanned. The sands are perfectly picturesque. You can rent a chair and lie down to enjoy the soothing calm breeze. There are volleyball courts if you want to play a game. Smathers Beach is located on the southern end of the island. It is a man-made beach where your can swim the shallow waters which tend to be very calm. There are many water activities here to participate in. Some options include windsurfing, kayaks, jet skis and sailboats. Parasailing facilities are also present here. You should try it out as it will give you the complete view of Key West from the air. The scarcity of beaches does not affect your experience in Key West in the slightest. After all, the beaches already present are quite enjoyable. If you are visiting Miami, you should get on a bus to Key West and experience the difference in the atmospheres of the two cities.

Miami To Key West Bus

While you may be visiting Miami for the beaches, there are many other sides to this glamourous city. The artistic landscape of Miami is filled with talented artists. One of the best places to witness the local art is at Wynwood Walls. Situated amidst grey concrete buildings and rusted warehouses, Wynwood Walls are like an explosion of color. There is an incredible collection of paintings and murals displayed all over the open courtyard. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the incredible variety of colors on display and the rather unexpected location in which it can be found. The arts on display tend to change with every major art event. Nonetheless, you will certainly find some amazing and interesting pieces no matter when you visit. Venetian Pool, Miami

Glass Bottom Boat in Key West

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