Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bus Miami To Key West | Florida Activities

How Many Miles From Miami To Key West

Yachting enthusiasts will be familiar with Fort Lauderdale as it is considered to be the best spot for the activity in the East Coast. Moreover, you can also find the International Swimming Hall of Fame here. There is a strong upper class presence here but you can also find a beachside community here that is all about having fun. Fort Lauderdale mainly appeals to the younger crowd. Apart from the picturesque beach, you can find historic sights, sidewalk cafes and museums here. Haulover Beach

Art lovers should certainly pay a visit to the studios of Key West. This is a nonprofit setup where artists have their studios. Apart from the art displays, there is a beautiful sculpture garden. Concerts, literary workshops, readings, visual workshops and lectures are often held in this spot. It serves as a great way to become introduced to the creative and arts scene in Key West. Mallory Square

Distance From Miami To Key West

It may be hard to believe but this resplendent piece of architecture was once a quarry. Tons of rock was mined to build the homes in Miami. Of course, that resulted in an ugly sight after the work was complete. Therefore, coral rock, mosaic and tiles were used to build the incredible pool. The Venetian Pool can easily overwhelm your senses. The Venetian style is beautiful and reminiscent of the opulence of the Roman times. In fact, it is so beautiful and amazing that it has been designated as a historical place. The Venetian Pool contains a number of specular features. You can visit coral rock caves here or watch the waters rush down the waterfalls. There is even an island which is lined with palm trees. There also moorings done in the Venetian style. Over the years, a who's who list of celebrities has visited and has been entertained by the Venetian Pool. This attraction is open throughout the year. Studios of Key West, Key West

Glass Bottom Boat in Key West

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