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Transportation From Miami To Key West | Speed Boat Tours Miami

Miami To Key West Distance

These beaches are not exactly located in Key West. They are located in the Marquesas Keys which are a group of islands that are located towards the west. There are 10 islands in the group and all of them are uninhabited. They are unique as they are the only natural atoll that can be found in the entirety of the Western Hemisphere. Another interesting fact about these islands is that they were formed because of a meteorite. The impact of the meteorite created a lagoon that is two miles in width. The lagoon is encircled by mangroves and some fantastic beaches that shine brightly due to the white sands. It is almost like paradise. However, reaching these beaches can be difficult. You need to get a boat in order to reach them. Tours aren't organized for these islands. Therefore, you will have to get a company that offers diving and fishing trips to take you to the isolated beaches of Marquesas Keys. Smathers Beach

Scooters and bicycles are one of the better ways to explore the cities of Miami and Key West. You can rent these vehicles easily from either city. Bicycling is, in fact, preferable when trying to explore Key West. The island city is not that big which allows you to enjoy it at a languid pace on a cycle. The rates for renting out these vehicles are pretty affordable. Parking Conditions

Miami To Key West Transportation

If you have taken a bus from Miami to Key West or rented a car, Duval Street will be the first place you will end up in. In fact, during your exploration, you will end up here more than once as it serves as the main artery for the city. There are numerous shops and restaurants here, many of which are worth a visit. The restaurants serve mouthwatering delicious foods. Of course, you have ample opportunities to shop around here as well. Duval Street also has many historic homes such as the Truman Little White House. This was the place where the former president Harry Truman stayed while he was visiting Key West. Although it was supposed to be a short visit, he ultimately stayed for 175 days. He held many a historic meeting here and even ran the country. Currently, the house serves as a museum with many personal items of Truman on display.

Everglades and Miami by Bus and Miami by Boat (Triple Combo)

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