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Key West Tours And Attractions | Attractions Near Miami Beach

Key West Tours And Attractions

It may be hard to believe but this resplendent piece of architecture was once a quarry. Tons of rock was mined to build the homes in Miami. Of course, that resulted in an ugly sight after the work was complete. Therefore, coral rock, mosaic and tiles were used to build the incredible pool. The Venetian Pool can easily overwhelm your senses. The Venetian style is beautiful and reminiscent of the opulence of the Roman times. In fact, it is so beautiful and amazing that it has been designated as a historical place. The Venetian Pool contains a number of specular features. You can visit coral rock caves here or watch the waters rush down the waterfalls. There is even an island which is lined with palm trees. There also moorings done in the Venetian style. Over the years, a who's who list of celebrities has visited and has been entertained by the Venetian Pool. This attraction is open throughout the year. Studios of Key West, Key West

Miami is where you go to have a party. However, Key West does not lack for entertainment options either with Mallory Square being the best spot for it. The fun starts when the sun is about to set and continues into the night. Watching the sunset is a must. You can then follow it up by watching the talented street performers ply their trade with various shows. There are many other places of interests in both Miami and Key West. As you move around in each city, you will come to know more. Of course, if you are getting bored of either city, you can just get on a Miami Key West bus and head to the other one.

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On the eastern side of the Biscayne Boulevard, you will find the Biscayne Boulevard which had undergone a redesign back in the 80s. This park has quite a few attractions. One of the best is the Pepper Fountain which is electronically controlled. An amphitheater is also present which is often used for various kinds of musical performances. There are three towers here as well. There is the World War II Memorial. The Torch of Friendship is a symbol of the friendly relations between Miami with South and Central America. Finally, there is the Challenger Memorial which commemorates the Challenger space shuttle explosion of 1986. Little Havana

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