Thursday, March 3, 2016

Glass Bottom Boat Tours | Miami Excursiones

Miami To Key West Ferry

Scooters and bicycles are one of the better ways to explore the cities of Miami and Key West. You can rent these vehicles easily from either city. Bicycling is, in fact, preferable when trying to explore Key West. The island city is not that big which allows you to enjoy it at a languid pace on a cycle. The rates for renting out these vehicles are pretty affordable. Parking Conditions

Hobie Beach is located in Key Biscayne and you can access it through the Rickenbacker Causeway. You can easily recognize it by the numerous colorful sailboards on the water. Its nickname of Windsurfer Beach has been given because of its suitability for windsurfing which is also the most popular activity here. Moreover, Hobie Beach is rather unique because it is one of the few beaches in Miami that allow dogs. You will certainly find many people with their canine friends coming here for a swim. Crandon Park Beach

Key West Tours And Attractions

If you are planning to do a lot of travelling around in Miami and Key West, you can rent a car to make things easier for you. There are many companies in both the cities that offer cars for rental. You do not need to opt for separate rentals in the two cities. Miami is connected to Key West by means of the Overseas Highway. The highway also connects the other Keys in the bay to these cities. It takes approximately 3 hours for a one-way trip provided that the traffic conditions are light. However, it is important to remember that you must follow the designated speed limits as they are strictly enforced. Buses and Shuttles

Glass Bottom Boat in Key West

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