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Miami To Key West Cruise | South Beach Hotels Map

Key West Boat Tours

In Key West, you will find a train service called Conch Tour Train. This is a historical heritage of Key West. This train service takes you on a guided tour of the most important places in the island city. There is no such service in Miami. However, Miami has a metro rail system. This connects all the important regions in the city. It is easier to plan and enjoy your Key West Miami trip once you have an understanding of transportation facilities in place. Both of these places are remarkable and you will come to love them as you move around.

Ernest Hemingway's House

Key West Cruises

This is another famous spot in the South Beach area. It was once open to vehicles but that day has been long gone. Therefore, you may want to consider keeping your rental car back at the hotel. Lincoln Road has now become a giant mall for pedestrians. Here, you can get nearly everything you want. You can go and buy funky swimsuits or weird souvenirs. You can try out an al fresco meal if you are hungry. Alternatively, you can just hang out and mingle with the crowd. If you want a nice way to pass the time, you can just watch the people. There are shops of all kinds here along with eateries, bars and restaurants. The crowd begins to swell as the night starts to fall. Therefore, you may want to visit early in the day if you want to beat the crowd. There is also a multiplex cinema here that is state of the art. Hundreds of designer boutiques can also be found here which makes shopping quite an affair if you can afford them. The New World Center is the famed concert hall and it is located on Lincoln Road. Artists have also set up galleries and studios here. You can pass the time browsing through their beautiful pieces of art. There will also be plenty of street performers here which makes the place all the more lively. Since you are in Lincoln Road, you should visit 1111 Lincoln Road. This artful building is actually a parking garage and is a popular tourist attraction due to its unique architecture. The Beach

Snorkeling in Key West

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