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How To Get From Miami To Key West | Miami Hotel Deals

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This is another spot to visit if you are interested in snorkeling or diving. From Tavernier, you will be able to access the Conch Reef. You can try out drift diving here. In fact, this is possibly the best spot to undertake drift diving in the Keys. In a drift dive, you will be descending at one particular point and catch the current. You will drift down the current and resurface at another point. It can be a great way to experience the beauty of the reef. .Apart from Conch Reef, there are other smaller but equally interesting reefs in the vicinity. The names of these reefs are often humorous with some examples being Alligator, Chickens and Pickles. Islamorada

How To Get From Miami To Key West

The Best Beaches to Enjoy In Key West.Key West is a fascinating city located on an island. As a result, you must surely be expecting a lot of amazing beaches here. However, nothing can be further from the truth. There are beaches certainly but they are by no means numerous. There is a spectacular coral barrier reef situated right off the coast of Key West. It is the only one of its kind in the entirety of the North American continent. However, it is also the reason for the lack of beaches in Key West. The reef prevents the sand from reaching the shores of the island to create natural beaches. On the other hand, the coral reef offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling, diving and even fishing. Even though the number of beaches is low, they are rather spectacular. The beaches are perfect for enjoying a languid day under the sun. Alternatively, you can try out the many water sports and activities that take place here. Visiting Key West is not a major problem. There is an airport here. At the same time, it is connected to Miami by means of the Overseas Highway. You can easily get a car or a bus to Key West from Miami. Here are some of the beaches which you should visit during your sojourn in Key West. Sunset Key

Everglades and Miami by Bus and Miami by Boat (Triple Combo)

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